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The American people are angry. The country is struggling under the burden of a repressive regulatory regime, antiquated tax system, destructive monetary policy, and unsustainable fiscal policy. The politicians make promises, but they are either the wrong promises (e.g. that government is the solution) or they are unfulfilled promises. And, government power is increasingly being used to benefit favored groups at the expense of the people.

We need to return to the principles of liberty that made this country great. We need to recognize that the solution to the countries’ problems do not come from government, but from free markets and free people. We need to demand that the government return power to the people, with whom it rightfully resides.

We hope to do our part to support and spread the principles of liberty and common sense government. Please follow on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe with your email address, to receive notice when new posts are published. We respect your privacy and will never share your information with any third party for any reason.

Please feel free to contact us at LibertyCSAdm@gmail.com

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